Despre Country Spa

Country Spa Boutique Hotel opened its doors in summer 2017, representing the output of the intent to create a unique place, where people from all over the world may be welcomed in a magical yet familiar space. The Country Spa Boutique Hotel is a place of delight, experiences, created from a range of resources that have been carefully and painstakingly joined so to represent much more than the sum of individual objects. The result: stunning originality combined with sublime comfort. A place where time works in your favor, not against you. A place where you should take a well-deserved break and savor every moment, nesting on a lounger next to the pond, on the freshly cut grass or on the shore of Lake Snagov, at sunset, surrounded by nature.
Situated 35 km from Bucharest and 20 km from Henri Coanda Airport, Country Spa Boutique Hotel is far enough from the city so that you can truly disconnect from the city’s excitement and enjoy intimacy but still close enough to not waste precious time on the way to its location.


VIP saloon for small events, furnished with limited series classical furniture;
reading and relaxation room with a great view of Lake Snagov and the surrounding area;
conference room of approximately 25 person-capacity, with all necessary facilities;
tartan sports ground, suitable for practicing football, tennis, basketball and functional training with dedicated trainer;
spacious rustic arbor with barbeque area;
campfire area;
pond and cascade, a relaxation corner among blooming lavender bushes, with the water warbling in the background;
outdoor swimming pool with chlorine-free electrolysis filtration system;
outdoor jacuzzi;
flower garden, green house for fresh vegetables and herbs, from own production;
large front lawn that allows many outdoor activities;
own parking lot.


The Country Spa restaurant invites you to delight your taste buds with both classical, à la carte and vegan, vegetarian or crudely prepared dishes designed to meet everyone’s bioindividuality and meet their specific needs according to their customized nutrition programs. Depending on the season and availability, some vegetables and herbs come from the own production, where they were cultivated with care and respect for nature and health, without using harmful substances.
The restaurant has a capacity of 45 seats, being in turn decorated in a refined manner, reminding of the interwar period bistros.
The restaurant is complemented by a generous terrace where you can enjoy your meals in silence, contemplating the vast landscape that opens endlessly in front of your eyes.